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Where Are We?


We moved to the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee in 2005 after selling our Williston Park home where we lived for 34 years. After the move, we had three times the house and put $200,000 in the bank; and we pay one fifth the property taxes than for the smaller Long Island home.


Now before you say "what Tennessee"? let me give you a few facts. The people in Nashville’s suburban communities have a higher average standard of living than those in the New York City suburbs.

Yes that’s right. Based on Median Household Income, when adjusted for the Cost of Living Index, the folks in counties surrounding Nashville have more spending power than those in the New York City area.

And Williamson County, just south of Nashville, has the highest Effective Median Household Income of any county in the nation. Surprised?

Well just look at the charts below; and remember we have NO STATE INCOME TAX.


The difference in the Cost of Living Index between Sumner County, where we live, and Nassau/Suffolk is dramatic. With a Cost of Living Index of only 85.6, an income of $60,000 in Sumner goes as far as $100,000 in Nassau/Suffolk where the CLI is 142.5.

We have a moderate climate with four distinct seasons, but less winter than Long Island and a lot less snow.

From the chart below you can see the greatest differences are in the winter with Nashville being, on average, 4 degrees warmer in December, 4 degrees warmer in January, 6 degrees warmer in February and 8 degrees warmer in March. While in the months of July and August, we are on average only 2 degrees warmer than NYC.



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